So, you've hired a flat roofing contractor - What next?

So you have hired a flat roofing contractor... What next?

Before the work starts

Health and Safety

Safety is very crucial. A safety specialist must be engaged to oversee that all the safety measures are implemented.

Perform an assessment of the structure in question; any observations of potential danger should be properly addressed before the commencement of the work.

Ensure that the contractor has been insured by current public liability class insurance.

The safety precautions will include the installation of railings for roofs that are more than 2 meters high.

The ladders to be used for the project must be secured both at the ground level and at the rails installed above to hold them firmly.

Other factors

Extra considerations for the work should be agreed upon before work commences.

There should be an agreed date of commencement and completion.

In the course of the project

It is best to always be on the site to ensure the work is going as you have planned and any urgent decisions that need to be taken can be easily done. Otherwise you should provide a reliable contact number that can be used to reach you when your attention is needed at any time.

When the work has finished

Upon completion of the entire project, you should confirm the guarantees of every part of the contract and the due payments should be made if you are satisfied.

Contractors usually allow a period of at least three days for the inspection of the finished work. If there are any corrections, this will be done by the contractor. After the inspection period elapses, the contractor will not be liable for any corrections you might need to be done.


The guarantees should be clearly indicated in writing.

The guarantee on the materials used may also be used to cover the workmanship. The contractor usually guarantees the materials and ensures that they are used properly for a good work.

The insurance companies that handle the insurance of recognized trade association to which the contractor might belong can also step in to guarantee the important aspects of the project.

It is important to fully clarify all the expectations from the guarantee the contractor will offer and the satisfaction expected on completion of the project. Once the home owner is satisfied with the terms, they can give consent for the project work to commence.