Re-Roofing a Flat Roof - The options

Re-roofing a Flat Roof

There are many reasons why the decision to re-roof a property will be made. Common reasons include signs of stress due to old age, wrong roofing design, the use of poor quality materials, and the use of unskilled labor. The decision to re-roof should be used to as a golden opportunity to correct previous mistakes and fortify the new roof better. It is mandatory to report any planned renovations to the regulatory institution in your state. This is in line with the prescribed building regulations.

Ways to improve the insulation of a cold roof

The best way to do this is by using a vapor control layer, rigid board insulation and a better waterproofing- this will be placed above the deck. All provisions for ventilation should also be sealed off. It will be better to remove any insulation that has been placed above the ceiling.

The entire process might involve the removal of a part of the deck in a case where no form of condensation is observed.

Prevention of water from gathering on the roof

This can be done by changing the waterproofing when it is due for a change. This can be done by fixing a new waterproofing on good firings.

Roofs will serve as a balcony or terrace

To alter the function of a roof to include being used as a balcony will require a proper inspection carried out by a professional to ascertain the capability of the roof to carry the added weight.

In a case where you have plans to replace the waterproofing in future The right preparations can be made for this work. The first aspects that should be checked are the absence of any form of condensation or unwanted structural movement. The surface to be covered should be prepared with the right materials that will not expose the deck to harsh weather elements. Considerations for a good thermal insulation should also be made.