Obtaining Quotations From Flat Roofing Contractors

Quotations for Flat Roofing

It is good to get quotations from different companies for comparison.

A ‘Core Test’ should first be conducted and then re-sealed, this is done to study the process and determine any reason(s) for failure.

The Quotation should cover the following aspects:

  • The job site
  • The flaws on the existing roof analyzing the situation and proffering the best solutions
  • How much changes will be made on the existing work
  • Extra details like repainting damaged areas
  • A comprehensive list of all materials needed, this should include product names, approval standards, insulation thickness and the potential risk of condensation
  • Proposed detailed description of the bonding method to be used
  • The contractors strategy to forming the different parts like roof edges, abutments to walls and so on
  • The best kind of surface protection
  • A quote and the period of validity
  • The payment plan
  • The details for insurance and guarantees in clearly stated terms
  • Safety measures to be put in place and the costs of doing this

Other necessary information can be included to make the quotation more comprehensive and explanatory.