Roof Repair in Hertfordshire

Roofing repair in Hertfordshire

When you notice damage to your roof, making the repair as quickly as possible is crucial. Not only crucial to your bank balance, but to the safety of your home.

The roof is one element of the home that keeps the place safe and secure, so you don’t want to take risks when it comes to the maintenance of something so important. Over the years I’ve learned that something that seems like a minor problem can quickly escalate and cause no end of hassle.

If you have a roofing repair, you need a reliable roofing repair company to make things right again. It’s all too easy to let your roof end up at the bottom of your ‘to do’ list, but this could prove a huge mistake.

Giving Pro-Dec Roofing a call as soon as you notice a minor problem will help you to figure out the best path to take when it comes to your roof. Pro-Dec Roofing will assess your roof carefully and discuss your options with you. I never rush a repair or cut corners. Rushing a repair rather than properly dealing with the underlying problem can mean even more repairs before you know it. You can rest assured I’ll treat your home like my own and get things back to normal in the most efficient way.

Signs You Could Need Roof Repair

Not sure whether you need a repair or not? The following signs could indicate a problem:

  • Leaning chimneys.
  • Mortar droppings in the gutter.
  • Damp moss.
  • Damp patches inside and drips/leaks.
  • Missing tiles and slates.
  • Debris on the ground.
  • Leaves and other debris.

Any one of the signs above could indicate that you need a roofing repair. Don’t ignore any of these problems, as they can be indicators of something more serious. Not only will my repairs make your roof look more attractive, you can rest assured your home is safe again. Finding and treating a problem in its early stages is crucial.

Damp in Roofing

One of the most common problems found in UK roofing, is damp. Damp needs to be treated the second you find it. If you don’t, you’ll find your home begins to develop a strong, musty smell. Not only that, you may find that the walls, timber, and other elements of your home begin to deteriorate as the damp penetrates.

As the roof is always exposed to the elements, the weather is usually the prime reason for damp. However, ensuring your home has proper ventilation could also play a factor. If your walls are not ventilated properly, damp can become inevitable. Looking in your loft for a leak or checking out your roof on a rainy day can be a big indication of whether your home is suffering from damp.

Although damp is a common problem, there could be a number of reasons for the issues you are experiencing. I will assess these for you, and deal with them in a way that suits your budget best. Usually, you’ll find it’s a fairly simple fix, but that doesn’t mean you should take chances!

What You Can Expect From Working With me

Working with me is hassle-free. I have everything needed to provide a quality service in a timely, cost effective manner. my experience and attention to detail goes above and beyond industry standards each and every time I complete a repair. my strict health and safety policy, as well as my insurance policy help to ensure the safety of my customers. These things combined have helped me to develop a great reputation over the years. I am friendly and approachable, so don’t be afraid to ask any questions you may have, whether on the phone or while I’re doing the work.

Different Types Of Repair I Specialise In

Here at Pro-Dec-Roofing I specialise in many different types of roof repairs.


I know that your roof tiling can completely transform the look of your home. Whether you’re looking for a strip and re-tile or a completely new roof, I can help.

Chimney Repointing/Deconstruction

I am experts in chimney repointing and deconstruction. Call me for all of your removal, rebuilding and restoration needs.

Gutter Repairs

Whatever style your home is, I can offer gutter repairs and renovation to suit. I can use a number of colourways for a look you love, or cast iron materials for a period style home.

Lead and Zinc Work

I’re confident when it comes to completing lead and zinc work. my skilled workers are well versed in bossing and welding, so my customers can enjoy a complete service from me.

Soffit & Fascia Board Replacement and Repair

Available in UPVC or wood, I can supply you with the services and materials needed to secure and fit your guttering.

I can cover a variety of issues with my services and skilled tradesmen. I believe my ability to complete these tasks in an efficient and timely manner has got me to where I am today. I know that I can offer my clients the highest standard of work, whatever their repair may require.

Pro-Dec Roofing are more than happy to give you a free, no obligation quote. Call me today and discuss your needs with me. If you prefer, you can send me an email or use the simple contact form on my website. I endeavour to get back to everybody as quickly as possible with professional advice and firm quotations. This means you don’t get any nasty surprises on your repair bill later on. I also come up with an agreed completion schedule, so you know exactly when you can expect your repair to be finished. As the two most common questions I am asked are on pricing and completion, I know how important firm quotations and an agreed completion schedule are.

Contact me today and let me take care of your roof repairs and I promise to deliver a quality service in a professional manner. I continuously strive to satisfy my customers!