Lead Flashing and Zincwork in Hertfordshire

Lead flashing in Hertfordshire

At Pro-dec, I can provide this specialised lead flashing work or zinc work for your domestic roof or even commercial properties.

You will commonly find flashing in most external areas around a home or commercial property. For instance, the doors, windows and even the walls may have flashing. Although, generally speaking, flashing will always be found on the roof. Any area of the roof that is joined should have flashing. This includes skylights, chimneys, vents or roof valleys. The flashing should be installed where they join or go through the roof.

Typically, roof flashing is made out of lead. Lead is easy to mould due to the fact that it is soft. It can be worked into various shapes and sizes without breaking, and this is important for flashing. However, there are also a variety of other materials that can be used for flashing.

Why Do You Need Roofing Leading Or Flashing?

Using leading or flashing you can guarantee that the roof on your home or commercial property stays water tight. If you don’t have flashing or leading, water will drop down areas where a structure joins the roof. For instance, water could drip down through the space between the roof and a skylight. This water could easily escape into the home interior, causing water damage to the property.

Similarly, flashing is needed in a home with a pitched roof. On a pitched roof, two roofs are joined on both sides in areas called valleys. Flashing or leading needs to be built into these valleys or rainwater will pour through into the house. These joints need to be completely watertight and flashing or leading guarantees this. As such, for a wide variety of roofing builds, flashing or leading could be essential.

There is no other way to ensure that the roof maintains a watertight quality. Using cement or other bonding agents will allow water to sink through the filling. One of the the main reasons for this is that cement will crack and break over time. Eventually, it will fall away completely, leaving the home exposed, with a major source of leaks.

Choosing The Right Material

At Pro-dec, I can provide a wide range of flashing options and materials that can be used. Most commonly I use lead sheets to protect your home from water damage. Lead sheets can be easily worked to ensure they provide ultimate waterproof protection on your roof without cracking. However, the cost of lead covering may be unsuitable for some homeowners. That is why I also provide the possibility of using other materials.

If you require roofing leading, I will paint over the covering with waterproof paint. This will ensure an extra layer of protection from the elements. I can provide lead flashing with a wide range of products and services. These include traditional stepped flashings and straight cover flashings. On the roof, these can be used for a wide range of purposes such as protecting the area around the chimney or roof windows. Although lead is constantly rising in cost, it is incredibly durable and will last for longer periods than most other coverings. Due to this, it is still a popular material for flashing on commercial and residential properties to this day.

Fitting Flashing Or Leading

It is important to clarify that on most roofs, flashing or leading will be essential. It doesn’t matter what materials were used to build the initial roof or how much money was spent on it. Without flashing or leading, rainwater will be able to get through. It can cause dampness and in some cases, could cause an entire ceiling to collapse. You must think about flashing or leading when building a new roof or redesigning an old system.

If I am building a new roof for you, I can fit flashing before the roof is finished and tiled. This will ensure that your roof is completely impenetrable with a strong defence against rainwater. I always provide this option when building a new roof on a new build or a business property.

I am also able to provide replacement flashing or leading on a roof that has been damaged. Using my services, you can guarantee an efficient repair job with the minimal amount of time required. I always guarantee easy removal and replacement. This includes installing a new valley on a pitched roof or repairing flashing around a chimney.

Although lead is the most durable material for flashing, it can become damaged. That is why I offer a complete repair and replacement service for leading on your home or commercial property. I can ensure you get a quality repair from my highly qualified team.


Generally, the cost of a flashing repair or a leading build will depend on the size of the job. However, I will always provide an assessment and inspection of the building, before I deliver a quote. I want to ensure that my customers get an accurate price when choosing this specialised service from my company. At Pro-dec I use the latest flashing procedures and equipment to keep costs low and pass the savings onto you.

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I have been providing leading and flashing services to a variety of customers for years. At Pro-dec I can handle any job that you have with an expert team that delivers on a promise of quality.

I can not stress enough the importance of flashing or leading for your roof. It doesn’t matter whether you have a commercial property or a home that you need to keep well maintained. Flashing is your number one form of protection against damp and leaks. If you want to keep your home dry and avoid extensive interior damage, this is the only solution. If you are in need of flashing replacing, repair or installation, make sure that you get in touch as soon as possible.