Flat Roofing in Hertfordshire & Essex

Flat Roofing in Hertfordshire

Pro-Dec-Roofing are a knowledgeable, experienced flat roofing specialist.

Pro-dec are 3 layer felt specialists. I can relay your new flat roof in a range of materials and finishes and can also carry out repairs to leaking or damaged roofs. I use Roll and pour or torch on felts in built up felt roofing systems, providing a strong, waterproof and fatigue resistant surface. There are many different approaches to the detailed design of a built up roofing system. These can be discussed with my estimators. High performance felts are commonly used nowadays as these provide premium long term durability.

I am able to help you whether you have a flat roof repair or complete replacement to make. Replacing an existing roof can be tricky, as can making the correct, long lasting repairs. Many roofers just aren’t as well versed in flat roofing as I am, so make sure you do plenty of research before selecting a suitable company.

Flat roofing has been used for many years, all over the world. It can be used on residential and commercial buildings. Flat roofing is usually cheaper than regular roofing, although you may need to replace it more than traditional sloping roof styles. The cost effectiveness of this roofing solution is one of the main benefits. They are not expected to last as long as traditional roof styles. However, using high quality materials could mean a roof that lasts anywhere from 20-50 years. A well installed, high quality flat roof installed by ourselves may last longer. Although cheaper than your traditional roof, you don’t need to compromise on style. I can make sure that a flat roof style still adds to the aesthetic of your home. Just because it’s cheaper doesn’t mean it has to look that way.

Whether you have a repair or replacement to make, or you’re just not sure about what you should do, I am happy to advise you. Give me a call!

Flat Roof Repairs

Flat roofing is usually easy to repair, but you shouldn’t attempt a repair it or do a DIY installation yourself. There are still many things that can go wrong. It is much smarter to call me for some free, professional advice and discuss your needs right from the get-go. You’ll save money and hassle in the long run.

Materials Used And my Services

There are a number of different materials that can be used in flat roofing, and I can give you advice on which will best suit your needs. Some will last longer than others, and some will look a little better than others. However, I’ll make sure I take your budget into account too. It is my aim to give my customers a friendly, professional, cost-effective service in a timely manner. Whether you want flat roofing on your domestic or commercial property, I can help.

Specialists In Flat Roofing

I can help you with flat roof repairs, leak detection, and complete construction/reconstruction. I am knowledgeable in all flat roofing systems. I know all there is to know about flat roofing and my skilled tradesmen can offer any advice you may need in this area.

I will be able to give you an idea of the best material for your flat roof, and give you information on why it will work most efficiently.

In some cases, there are more things to consider when it comes to flat roofing. Some more flat roof solutions I can advise you on include: Built up felt systems - perfect for durability and longevity. Multiple bonded layers form a watertight flat roof that you can rely on for years to come.

Overlay - a great alternative to completely replacing your flat roof. Your building will not be disrupted during the work, so you can continue as before. This option is economical and usually has a long-life expectancy. Great for business owners or those who just want to continue their home life as normal. Liquid applied coatings - a waterproof coating for all aspects of your flat roof. Can be applied to many materials.

From the time I give you your quote to the minute I complete your project, my goal is your ultimate satisfaction. No question is too small for me, and no request too large. I’re here to help you and even offer impartial advice if you need it.

With the high volume of flat roofing companies out there, it’s crucial you pick the right one. my firm quotations and agreed completion times ensure you have your flat roof in place in no time. There are absolutely no hidden costs like you’d find with some companies, and I don’t cut corners. Using only the highest quality tools and materials, I ensure my work is complete to the best standard and in line with industry regulations. I always go above and beyond to ensure my customers are satisfied with the work I do. I make sure that I’ve done everything possible to ensure the quality and safety of your roof. Almost as if it is my own! my roofing work is fully guaranteed, so you have one less thing to worry about when repairing or replacing your roof. my focus on health and safety and full insurance policies ensure the safety of my clients and their properties. I take the utmost care, whatever I’re doing and wherever I’re working.

If you’d like to know more about the services I can offer you, please don’t hesitate to give me a call. You can also email me or use the contact form on my website. I make sure I get back to customers as quickly as possible, giving advice, quotes, and anything else needed. I understand you want to find the best roofing company for the best price. This is why I’re happy to give no-obligation quotes for you to compare with other companies. Bear in mind that going for the cheapest price can be dangerous, costing you more money in the long run. Looking at what is included with the service and assessing the value is crucial to getting the best service.

I know I offer the best value for money with my professional service, skilled tradesmen, and high quality materials. I am confident that I am one of the leading flat roofing specialists out there, and that I can help with your flat roofing project whatever it may be. Whether you have a domestic, commercial or industrial property that needs flat roofing services, I am happy to help.